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Production of recycled aggregates using construction and demolition waste rubble

REMEXIT is the result of high-quality minerals recycling

REMEXIT comprises quality-controlled recycled aggregates, which are manufactured in our recycling plants in various grain sizes primarily for use as a substitute construction material in civil engineering, road construction and earthworks. REMEXIT is made from construction and demolition waste and road rubble. Our annual production volume of recycled aggregates amounts to more than two million tonnes. Processing is carried out by REMEX or one of our subsidiaries and associated companies at over twenty locations.

From construction waste to recycled aggregates

Construction and demolition waste (CDM waste) provides a good base for the production of secondary building materials, as it consists mainly of concrete, clinker, bricks, asphalt or road rubble, gravel and sand. Different grain sizes are produced through use of complex screening and selection processes, which are combined in varying steps in order to obtain defined REMEXIT sieve lines.

Biggest potential: road construction an earthworks

The most important areas of application for REMEXIT in terms of volume are road construction and earthworks. Because of its good physical properties, recycled aggregates are ideally suited for use as a subbase or base layer for roads of all load classes, i.e. also for roads with heavy traffic such as motorways.

Most important areas of application: road base layers

Further application opportunities for recycled aggregates

Recycled aggregates are also frequently found in classical earthworks such as dam construction, embankment or backfilling and as substitute aggregates for concrete and mortar, concrete products or asphalt. The recycled material is also used as landfill construction material, e.g. for the execution of gas drainage layers.

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REMEXIT aggregates: customised to your project’s needs

Our recycled aggregates are available in various grading curves covering a wide range of applications.

Sand for pipe bedding or paving

Freeze protection layer


REMEXIT crushed concrete
Subbase with increased technical requirements

REMEXIT oversized 45/X
Solidification of subbase